A new book for 2016

The Three Hares - A Curiosity Worth Regarding

by Tom Greeves, Sue Andrew and Chris Chapman

With contributions from David Singmaster, Laurie Smith and Richard Westcott

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The Three Hares Project is researching and documenting an ancient symbol of three hares or rabbits running in a circle and joined by their ears which form a triangle at the centre of the design. The symbol is a puzzle for each creature appears to have two ears yet, between them, they share only three ears.

The Project has revealed the motif to be an extraordinary and ancient archetype, stretching across diverse religions and cultures, many centuries and many thousands of miles. It is part of the shared medieval heritage of Europe and Asia (Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism) yet still inspires creative work among contemporary artists.

The images shown here reveal the beauty of the design in varied contexts. The accompanying text highlights the remarkable story of the three hares.


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