Withypool - The Story of an Exmoor Village
Author Richard Westcott, a historian and medical doctor, reveals his lifelong love of Exmoor and brings scholarly insights, a deep sense of humanity and a humorous eye to the story of this ancient settlement. Withypool - The Story of an Exmoor Village is lavishly illustrated with newly commissioned colour photographs, and is accompanied by a village archive CD-ROM edited by Chris Chapman. It also features previously unpublished original material relating to the Lanacre manorial documents which date back to 1772. These documents, which have hardly seen the light of day, let alone been fully studied and annotated, give a fascinating insight into the comings and goings, payments and non-payments, doings and misdoings of village life in times past. As each chapter unfolds, the story of Withypool tells of the historical events which have shaped the landscape of Exmoor that we see today, a mixture of wild open moorland, steeply wooded combes, unpolluted rivers and the uninterrupted legacy of some 5,000 years of hill farming.  

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