This short film clip was shot in 2001 by our friend and cameraman Chris Vile, one year after we had formed The Three Hares Project in order to document all known examples of the ancient motif found in Devon and beyond. Three Hares run in a circle and are joined by their ears to form a triangle at the centre of the design. And yet here is a puzzle for although each creature appears to have two ears, between them they share only three.

Seventeen years later we have decided to make the film available on the internet, not only since our research has now been published as a book, but also because it provides an amusing insight into our working practice before the onset of the digital age.

We would like to thank Devon County Council who provided the initial grant in order for us to document the Devon examples, and to Peter Rasmussen and Wei Zhang, Stephen Bond and the countless friends and colleagues who so generously helped and collaborated on what has been a truly wondrous and exciting journey.

Tom Greeves, Sue Andrew and Chris Chapman. The Three Hares Project 2022